About Hyperaktive

Video Games Developers and Innovative Technologies creators. 

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We are an interactive entertainment and video games company. Our passionate and multidisciplinary team crafts gaming experinces that brings people together with a sustainable and ethical approach. Reconciling entertainment and innovation, sustainable values and advanced technology: this is what being an international gaming studio means for us. We were born in the industry 4.0 era, with the intent of changing the world of the mobile games with fresh, innovative and inclusive experience.

Why Us


Ethical approach to business

Creative and Fresh ideas

International Perspective

Our Story

Our team is made up of young professionals with a multidisciplinary approach that creates the perfect working conditions for excellent results; we are driven by entertainment and enrichment, embracing different approaches and points of view without discrimination or prejudice. We are also convinced that our capacity to involve international stakeholders depends on the very fact of our being creators: the strong relationship with our gamers, employees and collaborators, shareholders, suppliers, and with civil society in general, helps us everyday to progress and evolve.
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